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My name is Maxime and I'm currently studying Fashion Business Management and Marketing. I am someone with an interest for menswear and I tend to specialise myself in  Casual and office wear. I'm a quirky Fashion Explorer.   I grew up in the West Indies but I travelled a lot between Europe and South America in my early teen years. Even today I try to travel as far and as much I can. I think seeing so many different  lifestyle sparked an interest for international marketing in me. I then decided to explore the menswear fashion market.
Now as I said earlier, I am someone with an interest for fashion but not a fashion Nazi. I am not here to impose trends and force people to buy what I like. Moliere et Moi is a menswear experience. It's about writing and showcasing what's around me. I would like to think of my blog as an inspiration source. People come in, get inspired and buy what ever they like but whatever they are comfortable with. 
(great I'm doing politics now)
Creating this blog was fun and I am really happy to be able to take the Swaggy Gentleman  and the original Moliere-et-moi on another level. 
I hope you will enjoy the new environment!
Thank you for coming to Moliere et Moi and I hope qu'on s'occupe de vous.