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Going on an Urban Adventure

Don't you just ask yourself what it would feel like to go on an adventure? Not any kind of adventure. An epic urban adventure with lots of traffic problems, a millions faces that you don't know, your usually crowded Starbuck and agonising hot temperatures.

Welcome to London 2012's summer and no I was not lying about the agonising hot temperatures.
And you just ask yourself what can you do?  You could dress down to your undies (like I've seen a lot of men do in the tube) or you could check my latest fashion story:

So yeah here I am again scouting shop style and before I even know it I start fashion cooking.
Now I think that the word that could summarise this story is "basic" but why would you want a complex complicated summer anyway? It could be a drink on your lunch break or a quick escapade in the hearth of the city but with this you're all set.
A pair of sandals, trainers or casual shoes I'll let you choose .( The sandals! The sandals!)
However I hope you can understand what I tried to create here. A simple outfit working with different shades of united colours that should allow you to move easily and enjoy the city.