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Thom Grey Fall/Winter 2012 New Collection.

Thom Browne is known for his suits and formal wear accessories for older men.
 Precise cuts and Timeless classic designs are probably one the best assets of the designer. Try to imagine what could Thom Browne do on capsule collection targeted at young professional men on a budget?

The name of this little jewel: " Thom Grey" and the first articles went on sale today at Barneys!
A little assumption from myself grey being a lighter shade from brown, maybe the name of the brand reinforce the "young professional" image.

Barney is an American website shipping internationally. You could therefore order from where ever you are (and wait patiently). The prices are much lower than the Thom brown brand however some of the clothes are still pricey. For my British readers, GQ announced today that the collection would hit the  Harrods store pretty soon.

Well I don't know for you but I definitely know what I'll wear for my next job interview.
Here is my little wish list from the  Barneys stocks.




(My favourite)