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Ovadia & Sons Fall 2012

Born in Brooklyn, the Ovadia twins come from a family at first established in the children's apparel business. They have recently been nominated best Menswear Designer in America 2012 by GQ.
An interesting approach to office wear  with quirky modern accessories define their style.
The Ovadia twins are known for "upgrading" vintage office garment.

I think the pictures speaks for themselves. The Twins came up with a bold and strong collection. I like How sometime we link to think of things as fashion "faux pas" (Socks and sandals). And if we were to wear these "faux pas" we would look completely ridiculous but some people manage to pull it off.
That's what I see in this collection and it proves to me that the Ovadia twins are highly creative and deserve their best American Menswear Designer title.


Collection Highlight :