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Plongée Arrived In The UK

Summer is nearly over  and for some it is nearly the time to go back to work.  Few people were lucky and had a good weather, I'd like to be one of those people... I can not lie the British weather has been capricious but fairly good lately ( the last 3 days of the month).
However it did not stopped the launch of Plongée, a french brand based in the south of France but designed in the UK.

 Now If there is something that I can not stop repeating it's LookBook LookBook and LookBook. I just can not stress how important that is for a collection or a trend. However it is even more important for an upcoming brand. The LookBook gives a chance to see the fashion story, where it all begins. It should also present the target customer and his life-style, so that future customers understand what the brand is about.

Thank god, the Plongée LookBook is so well designed and presented that all my questions were answered in a matter of seconds.
Straight Cartesian cut & simplicity. That is how I would summarised the brand. Most of the clothes have a young and slimmer fits. The design is really basic but there is an important focus on the details. You can see this in the collars of the rugby of shirts and the intelligent combination of colours.

For the little french lesson of the day: Plongée stands for the verb plonger which means "to dive" in french. Hence why the logo is a diver. However I think that by reading this statement it makes even more sense:

"Plongée Clothing was born in the South of France. Its inspired by holiday memories of sunny days, skinny-dipping, friends around a fire, postcards home and Polaroids. Its style should be effortless - changing a classic polo by playing with the collar, a pretty girl wearing her boyfriend's hoodie and making it her own; Throwing on a sweatshirt when the sun comes down and keeping it on all night dancing on tables in the local bar."
- -

It is not about creating a trend that fades a way next season. Plongée is about creating something simple and comfortable that will stay with you forever like a good memory. Or an artifact of a long gone period of time hidden on the bottom of the seas.

From £24.99 the brand is exclusively available on their respective website.