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Street - Shoot at Covent Garden 10/10/12

Another day, Another fashion hunt. I am back to Covent Garden

I was right about this being my favourite part of the website. The more I go street-shooting and the more I realise how looking at Men fashion sense is fascinating. I will not lie to you, it is still hard to stop people and sometime I get some (really) unpleasant replies but it's worth it. 
Thank you to all the men that I stopped today and accepted to be photographed by me. The little conversation about your daily life, your sympathy,fashion tips... Those little 5 seconds we shared are priceless for me. 

I am working on a trend forecasting project right now.The idea is to predict what people will wear in 2 years time. Therefore today I was looking for trend markers. Any interesting colours, patterns, details...

My favourite outfit of today. It's all about the details and versatility. 
Sport x Classic.