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Lately I have not post a lot on the blog.
 I am deeply sorry, I have been focusing on a lot of project.
One of them was an exciting up-cycling project given to me as a university assignment.
For those of you not familiar with up-cycling  it is basically recycling. However  up-cycling is the ultimate aim  to recycle a product for infinity. Therefore you could have an object and use it as a chair but then you could get bored and make a table out of it only to make a shelf 3 weeks later and.... you get the idea.

The million dollar question is what did we came up with?

A  gum ball machine Fish Tank!

How did we came up with the idea is still a mystery for my group but it was a really exciting adventure that I would re do at any moment. We though that gum-ball machines, being a thing from the past, are often  changed for numeric modern system. So where do the old gumbo-ball machine go?
Why not re buy them from companies or charities and give them a second chance.

How to do it:

The process of making the tank was really easy, once it is opened you just remove the insides wheels and feel the hole with water sealant. Let it dry for 24 hours and do a  leaking test. If there is any leak analyse where the water is coming from and re-apply some sealant. Now you will have to be patient with this step as the sealant take 24 hours to dry. So if there is a leak, you will have to fix it and wait another 24 hours to do another leaking test.
Once it's dry  apply a clean plastic film over the glue.  While the glue is not toxic, we felt bad about the fish and we did not want to risk it dying of water poisoning.
Finally on top of the plastic film add some gravels or sand. Now you can  decorate your fish tank with pebbles or little constructions before adding back the glass ball and filling it with water.

Tada! You have your own up cycling fish tank.

Now how does this thing keep  recycling?  Well if You get bored of the fish why not turn the tank into a vivarium ? you could  have a pet spider or insect. You could even turn it  into a flower pot if animals are not your stuff.

Oh well I am really happy that we worked on this project. It sounded challenging but it turned out to be really easy. I had a blast with my group !
This could be a funny quirky Fashion home ware  afternoon activity.

Our Packaging concept.