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Mon petit, looks like we're going to Canada

Welcome back to the new Moliere et Moi layout! 

I've been looking a lot at the stats and so many people are coming  from tablets and mobile phone that I decided to make something more user friendly.
That's the first news but everything is as it's supposed to be and every part of the website are still online (foundoscope, street-shoot, Fashion TV.....)

Remember when I wrote about my little experiment? You know the MAGUMI Gumball machine? Oh common you know that idea that was supposed to make me a rich man?  Well I also said that I was actively working on some other projects on the side. One of them was to secure a place for a semester abroad in Vancouver. I'm really happy that I went through with this, lots of paper work, headaches but I pulled through and now I'm ready to go!

What does that mean? Moliere et Moi is going no where but to Vancouver and you're all coming with me. My articles are always about British fashion and what's happening on the moment but this will be something else. New Street-Shoots, New characters, New trends... For 6 months I'm going to do my best to represent  the menswear fashion scene in Vancouver.

As usual welcome back to an improved Moliere et Moi and J'espere que l'on s'occupe de vous .

- Maxime