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Street-Shoot Gastown 12/01/13 [Vancouver]

Touch down, welcome to Downtown Vancouver
Welcome to Gastown! Today I went for a stroll in the west end and it is amazing how it looks nothing like our British West-end.
 The west end is the North-west part of Vancouver, it is a really touristic area with a lot of tourist attractions and High-end fashion boutique.  It is a really nice place to walk, with the mountains on the north and the calming beautiful pacific ocean on your side. When it's sunny, A lot of Vancouverites go out with their dog and it's a real pleasure to stop people and talk to them. 
I have to say that Vancouverites are much more nicer then british guys when it comes to take pictures! Every body was happy and in the mood as we just had a terrible rainy and freezing week.

As I said earlier Gastown is a arty touristic place with a lot of boutique. If you're interested into fashion and design it is the ultimate place to visit. I highly recommend to visit places such as Roden Gray, the Inventory stock Room or again Stussy as these store stock a lot of Canadian brands that sometime you can't find at home. 

Now for a street-shoot as usual, here are some guys that I found interesting in the street of Gastown!
Stay posted though, Vancouver has so much to offer and to see on the fashion scene... there's a lot more to come.