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Street-Shoot Gastown 17/01/13 [Vancouver]

Back to Gastown.
So i went back to Gastown today and what an amazing place! I am actually reading back the first article i wrote on Gastown and I am extremely not happy. Let me make this clear, there is no way to describe Gastown with words. I am in love with this part of Vancouver and I highly encourage creative mind to come wonder around here. 

Some Vancouverite will tell you it is the worth part of the city as it is supposed to be the roughest neighbourhood of Vancouver. However Young Vancouverite will tell you it is the place to be for design and innovations. The proof is in the number of expensive stores and high end boutique in the area. You could walk in a dirty alley and think you are in the wrong place when in fact 5 meters a way a high end boutique will sell you an Ipad case for 2000$.

What I like about Gastown is the utopia futuristic aspect. Gastown is going through a really quick gentrification. I think it is possible that in less than 2 years  the menswear apparel market take off rapidly here. I had a lovely lunch at an old school sandwicherie called Meat & Bread. 
HUGE sandwiches with real beef and vegs all fresh prepared in front of you in a amazing modern rustic decor... Perfect I couldn't ask for more!

Anyway enough talking,  more work, here are the interesting people I snapped today in Gastown!

 I really like the printed cap, a subtle minimalist detail