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The Herschel

 A new brand, A new story, A new Horizon.

The week has been pretty hectic for me.
 If it's not the pile of Homework and university project given to me It's the trade shows or other events in Vancouver's scene. 
The Last event I went was the Know?Show.  It used to be a trading show for utility brands but lately it is more street-style and sport orientated. I link to think at  Moliere-et-Moi like a lab as in experiment wise. I am not a street-style enthusiast or fan but you can not deny that street-style is an important movement in the menswear market Apparel. And what is street-style anyway? I'm pretty sure every man have a least 5 accessories that could qualify as street-style.

I ended up booking a ticket for the Know?Show and thank god I did because I discovered an Amazing street-style/Life style brand: The Herschel

The Herschel  was founded in 2009 by two brothers : Jamie and Lyndon Cormack. The name of the brand come from a town called Herschel where 3 generations of their family grew up.
It is today a small town of 40 people.

 The Herschel is a Canadian brand of high quality back pack, bags, travel goods and accessories.  
The approach of the brand remind me oh the Spring Summer Plongée collection. It is not about fast  trends and over reproduce article. It is about creating timeless gems with key style that never get old. 

Here are my four favourite bags of the Spring collection. I love earthy tones and I Just can not deal with so much black and dark shade in winter.  I never understand why Winter = Dark Colours, I mean it is such a cold and harsh season (specially in Canada) why would you not wear some colours to spice up your mood?

The herschel was my favourite booth, I spent  at least 30 minutes just talking with the buyers  and analysing their visual merchandising as I was really feeling the brand's story.
To finish this article, here is the amazing Lookbook. 

And another set of pictures from their holiday collection