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The Herschel x New Balance

There is a new hot collaboration in town

The Herschel is collaborating with New Balance! That's it  I said it, I could maybe repeat it a second time but it is all out now and I am really excited about this!

The Herschel is is all about heritage and  high quality goods. If you  don't remember it I actually have written a piece about the Herschel not a long time ago ( for the KNOW?SHOW) and I am going to repeat myself but what an amazing brand.  I am fascinated with the brand history and the legacy it has here in Canada.  

New balance is  a company that started early in 1900 and that managed  to reinvent itself through the century to fit and please popular culture. Both companies have a  past with a lots of achievements. I think that it is one  of the key element here,  the brands have both something to share on the table. Something that complete itself.

Being a FBMM student I think this is really good marketing move as it links the life style aspect of  both brands. You really have a feeling that a Herschel bag was invented  for the only purpose to go with  a New Balance shoe. 

Personally I love the simplicity and clean feel of this collaboration. I think it is going to be a big summer success and it will make the perfect "casual Friday" collection.  I am a bit surprised at the colour palette as I was waiting for something a bit more colourful, however I think the style and colours chosen are perfect to represent both influences respectively. I am highly confident of spotting some Vancouverite wearing some pieces of this collection, I can not wait to go back street shooting!

PS: I know a lot of you are waiting for a new street-style shoot but the weather is really not good at the moment, I am working on something else stay tuned for more information!

The visuals: