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Accent Men Spring/Summer 13

An accent is everything. It changes the tone and the meaning  of a sentence.  And it's funny how two peoples speaking fluently the same language  can sometime not understand each other because of an accent. 
In french, the accent put an emphasis on a sound or important word.  
In Fashion, Accent clothing put an emphasis on menswear casual beauty.

Summer is around the corner and everybody is releasing visual to announce their vision of the season. Accent clothing went straight to the point and they could not get any clearer.  
As seen on Esquire and GQ, suede will be big for this season. The reason for this being that the weather is supposed to be good and dry (Hard to believe in England). However one of the main trend of the season is also the blue washed theme.  So far, the spread that I have seen all had suede shoes in blue tones.
If you have the time, get yourself the Esquire black book of fashion. It is a summer essential.

The Accent LookBook is interesting. The brand came up with different styles for different segment markets. I personally prefer the preppy dandy look of the indigo cardigan.  It goes with a simple tip that any men should know. You should look good, but you should always give the impression that you haven't give a lot of though into it. It must look natural.

And I think that it is the strong vibe that I get from the pictures and the model. Everything is stripped back and put together as a whole simple concept... The British Summer.

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