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Molière x KnoTheory

For the past two months I have been interning for one of the most exciting start-up of Vancouver! This experience was amazing and I have gain more experiences than I could have wish for.
Knotheory is a Luxury Bow Ties and Tie company based in Vancouver.  The company targets menswear and womanswear.  What Make KnoTheory stand out from other bow tie companies is the design and details of the products.
 If you were hoping for an easy clip-on bow tie I'm afraid you won't be allowed to be lazy today. Enough of the already made easy fashion accessories. While I do admit that sometime they can save your life,  most of the other time they are just here to support your laziness. Knowing how to tie a bowtie is a prerequisite skill to be a man.
Tying a bow tie is exactly like tying shoe laces (no really I swear!). It is extremely easy and once you'll be a pro at it you'll never want to go back to those carbon copy bow ties.

Now I'm done ranting.

Know Theory specialises in out of the ordinary Bow tie.  Some of the Bow ties can be tied up in 16 different ways! Creativity never stop flowing at KnoTheory and that is thanks to the amazing intern team and the extremely open minded CEO Tanya Huang.

The Origami Bowtie, influenced by the Japanese art of origami.  

The moustache Bowtie. A must have to celebrate november!

Working here was a real pleasure. I am overly happy and honoured that my first collaboration was with KnoTheory.
Even the shy Vancouverite sun was out on that day!