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Nina Athanasiou - Vancouver Fashion Week

Vancouver Fashion week was an Amazing event for me. It is the first time that I am attending a fashion show so far from home. It was definitely worth the trip!
The event was separated with different days, each day had their own theme such as "International designers" and "green fashion".

The Majority of the designers presented womenswear collection. However, Nina Athanasiou caught my eye with a clean and simple garment collection.  The majority of the men collection was  of Jackets and coats. By listening to the interviews backstage, I heard that she was going for a vintage aviator look. However , to take it to a new level, Nina took some old "steam punk" influences and added a modern touch to the cut.

I really liked her approach to the design and her flexibility to design for men and women.  There were definitely some consistency between the menswear and womenswear collection.   The clothes paired with the models gave a retro feeling to the show.
Nina Athanasiou did an amazing job at presenting her romantic vision  of the past.