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Change Is In The Air

It's been a while!
And I have to admit it that I am not pleased at all about this.
When I started the street style part of the website, I did not really know where I was going. I still do not know where this is going.
However, I am pleased to see that it is always evolving in a good direction.
I keep repeating myself, but it is what I enjoy doing the most.
I mean waiting at a spot, meeting people, sharing with them, them sharing with me... It really feels magical to me. It feels magical and normal If I dare to say.
That's why I am pleased to push this project even further.

But what is urbamen?
well it is simply my take on what is happening in the street today. It is exactly what I have been trying to convey in my work since I started doing street style.
It is just another menswear experience.

PS: I have moved the previous street-style photos to the new archive section.